Store from Japan
Today, I got to adventure out to the Oldsmar flea market for the rumored Store from Japan, a pop shop open Wed-Thursday from noon to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. My friend Iichi told me a few weeks back about the store. She went on another friends words as well. This shop is getting lots of attention quickly it seems (and for a very good reason).

When I first found the store, there was this cute girl in shiny leather overalls running a cute candy shop. I saw some cute lolita tote bags but not exactly what I was looking for. Luckily, I was dressed head to toe in lolita and she knew immediately where I wanted to go. I then made my way to Gundam in Japan.

Just pass the door way to the right is the Jfashion boutique.

This piece here is from the brand Jesus Diamante and is Yukiko Yamasaki favorite. Expect more to say the least.
Heels from the same brand.

Originally, the shop was called Candy from Japan, but the shop owner Musashi Yamasaki continued to expand the store creating Store From Japan and Gundam from Japan. Gundam from Japan host arrange of anime figurines and gundams (of course!!) Sadly, I didn't get any photos of that part of the store, but Shane enjoyed the couches and anime playing on the t.v. while I got to look around. ;)

The inside of the dressing room! Yes, you can try it on!! Snap thats crazy from what we're used too!

FB Page:

Truely Darling Boutique Brand Tea Party Feb. 12th

Today, I had the pleasure of going to an indie brand hosted tea party. There were lucky packs available to purchase, little goodie bags and chocolates as guest for attending, and some of their new releases were on display. I regret not getting more photos!!

We had some Royal Wedding Tea and a light Lemon Grass blend. I drank sooo much Wedding tea I gave myself an upset tummy. Damn myself!!

This was not included in my ticket price, but the owner of the shop decided to give us all a glass on the house. So thats great for all who went to tea!!

Tons of sandwiches, little cupcakes, and scones. The owner actually bought out extra scones for us. I got to be a little excessive. Thank God for adjustable sizes!!

Gotta have those selfies!! Just this one to share though....

Aurora Valentine
The long awaited release that I'm sure is the only real reason you read this entry! Cause who cares about tea when there is a pretty dress in front of you!? The sleeves on this dress has a lacey layer right under the chiffon adding flare in the most unexpected places. The cuffs were just as detailed with ribbon, lace, and buttons. (This is were the regret sinks in a bit. No photos of this!) I don't have a photo of the cuffs, but just keep a look out for other reviews or go to as later tonight they will be opening for reservations. They will likely have more photos of the sleeves. The print itself has a nice soft ombre effect starting light peach and fading to a light blue with flower cameos displaying small children and angels. There is a light overskirt made of chiffon over the main skirt which can't really be seen with my current camera. Sadness for you. The collar is is trimmed with gold so there is your accent clue. (wink) The hem of the skirt has a lace trim. All and all an great OP for those looking to find a piece that is both classical and sweet. Or for those romantics at heart. ;)

Some cute lolita nightwear!! This is the bow style bodice. There is a more causal sleep top with lace trim (I believe, I can't remember but its in my mind for some reason so it might have it!!) The second style is a bloomer + Top combo of which I shall own alone with the heart shaped bag.

My main prize from my lucky pack! I caved and got one of the bigger item bags. I actually saw this print when I was first entering my comm and realized I missed the release for it. Its cool that in the end I still got the dress! I also got a small pillow and some accessories that match. Just needs a blouse.

There was this girl offering polaroid photos so I hopped on that bandwagon.

I shall post pics of the accessories later on.

Planning Stages - Artistic Lolita (a.k.a. Art Loli)
So this entry will slowly grow in the next few days or so. I'm in mad debates with myself on what I shall do with my newest fabric. It was the most priciest fabric I've ever gotten at a price of $14.99 a yard (3yd), and I'm super worried that my boyfriend will notice the missing $60.00 from my bank account. The total measurements for the fabric is 3 yards x 43''

Here is a photo of said fabric and the trim which I got for it.


Like the subject entry says, Art Loli. So I went with an out there kinda trim and I think that my... whatever I do decide to do with the fabric will come out as the best thing I've done by far. I just hate how the planning stages always takes like a week or two before I'm totally happy with setting my gingham to the threads. I don't know if I wanna make a skirt and really layer with as much of the fabric I can use or try and make my first OP. Then I would have made a blouse, a skirt, a petti, and JSK. However, I've got this annoying little thought going with, you can never change an OP. With JSK and skirts I can make coord after coord with the change of a blouse and I think thats super fun. Maybe I should go on another photo hunt for different ideas. I don't wanna do an OP or JSK for this I think. There. I typed it out, now I just gotta remember not to go back on that. Aw, snap.

Mid-Night Ocean Chiffon OP - Update
I've never really worked with chiffon fabric for a big project till last week. Usually, just some small ruffles.....

Boyfriend just walks in, I look up to him. "You log us into Netflix?"
"It just updated," I say grabbing the remote and clicking on his profile. "Holy shit there is another season of Peaky Blinders!" Total excitement now. "I'm going back to LiveJournal now." He puts on Yu-Gi-Oh.

....And then there was the round headdress with a chiffon veil. Which had to be the second time I've used chiffon. However, since deciding to make a chiffon OP for the sew-a-long on Sew_loli, I've been gaining a lot of EP in chiffon craft. I searched the net like never before (just forget about the billions of other humans out there with google right now). I found no links I was hoping for such as how much would I need to gather, but instead found how to cut chiffon. Which you should use tissue paper if you can. I don't have any of that laying about and I can't be buying it. I just carefully cut the fabric on towels then laid them out on the floor to see how I was doing. I wish I had a 40 foot long table for moments like this. Anyways, another link I found was how to fray check chiffon without fray check. The answer? A candle. You melt back the edge just enough that the threads won't be making a surprise visit for the holidays. I then roll hemmed the edges of necessary areas. I messed up some of the ruffles a little when cutting because it was during my lunch break during work, but I make progress where I can.

Photos!Collapse )

Container gardening research
Places to check out:


Beans: Bush varieties like 'Provider' and 'Derby' are best; you can grow three to four plants in a 12-inch pot. You can grow pole types in a long narrow box if you attach a trellis.

Beets: Any variety grows well in a pot, and smaller varieties like 'Red Ace' even grow well in smaller pots. Make sure your pot is big and deep enough (at least 12 inches); beets don't like to be crowded. You should end up with about six plants in a 12-inch pot — more if you're growing them for greens or will pick them as baby beets.

Carrots: Carrots are a perfect vegetable to grow in a pot. Start with baby varieties like 'Little Fingers', 'Short 'n Sweet', or 'Thumbelina'. If you water diligently, you can get a bumper harvest in pots as shallow as 6 to 8 inches deep. Longer varieties need deeper pots. After thinning, you should end up with 20 or so carrots per 12-inch pot.

Cole crops — broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and so on: All the cole crops grow well in containers as long as your pots are big enough; try planting three or four plants in a half barrel.

Cucumbers: You can't go wrong growing small cucumber types like 'Bush Pickle' and 'Salad Bush'. Plants dangling over the edges of a hanging pot are something to behold. Plant large-growing varieties in bigger pots and slip a sturdy wire cylinder into the outside edge of the pot for the plants to climb on.

Eggplant: An eggplant's purple foliage and compact habit are perfect for any container that is at least 5 gallons. Plant one eggplant per 5-gallon pot. Push a small stake into the pot to support it.

Lettuce and other greens: Lettuce and greens may be the ultimate container vegetables. The size of your pot doesn't really matter — just sprinkle some seeds in it, keep the soil moist, and then get out your salad bowl for a great harvest.

Melons: Some dwarf melons, like 'Bush Sugar Baby' watermelon, grow well in containers. Plant one to two plants in a big pot (at least 5 gallons) and let the vines sprawl over the edges, supporting the fruit if necessary. And don't let up on water and fertilizer.

Onions: Green onions grow well in containers. Just buy a bag of sets, plant them 2- to 3-inches deep, and you're in business. You can grow onions to full bulb size; just make sure that you use a big pot (preferably 5 gallons) and give them plenty of room to grow.

Peas: Go with dwarf pea varieties like 'Green Arrow' and 'Maestro', English peas, 'Sugar Bon' snap pea, or 'Dwarf Grey Sugar' snow pea. Any variety larger than that needs a trellis. Planting six plants in a 12-inch pot should be fine.

Peppers: You can grow any pepper variety in a pot, but the bigger the pot the better. A 5-gallon pot should hold one to two plants.

Potatoes: Potatoes are fun vegetables to grow in a container. Just place 8 to 10 inches of potting soil in a big pot (at least a 5-gallon size). Plant two to three potato eyes 2 to 3 inches from the bottom of the pot, and then water them in. After the plants start to grow, cover the stems with more soil (leaving the very top exposed) until the pot is full. In a couple of months, you can harvest a pot full of spuds. Start harvesting earlier for new potatoes, later for larger ones.

Radishes: Growing radishes is quick and easy even in the smallest container. Scatter some seeds in the top of a pot, keep the soil moist, and you'll have radishes in less than a month.

Squash: Use a 5-gallon pot (or even larger) to grow space-saving winter squash varieties like 'Cornell Bush Delicata', 'Papaya Pear', or 'Table King'. Plant three seeds in each pot and thin to the healthiest plant.

Tomatoes: Everyone deserves fresh tomatoes, and anyone can grow them in pots. Try a dwarf indeterminate variety, such as 'Bush Big Boy' in a container that's at least 5 gallons (bigger is better), but be ready to stake or cage tall plants. Or grow dwarf varieties like 'Patio', 'Tiny Tim', and 'Window Box Roma', which fit perfectly in pots, even smaller sizes.

Final Fantasy X
I just spent the last hour in the Calm Lands leveling when suddenly I enter into a battle where both creatures only wanna use stone gaze on me. How does one defend themselves from such a battle? Time to customize the weapons...

Anyways, how is everyone? I just recently got a four day break from work and its the first time I've had that many days off since I was a part time worker. Sewed plenty of projects and am working on perfecting the puff sleeve blouse. Its not going to have tucks or anything which I do love, but I will be adding in some ruffles now that I got the time for it. I was trying to finish off the blouse before 8:30 p.m. Friday night to wear out on the town with my friend Steph and my family. I had like four of my close friends going, but in the end only one showed. Such a bummer, and once I told my friend's who skipped out what fun we had (even though we didn't get to go to the club we were planning on going to) they all kicked themselves for not bothering when we already had a DD and car.

Our original plan was to hit up the famous goth club The Castle, but they were holding an after party event and nobody wanted to pay $25.00 a person just to get into a club we go to on the regular. Not going one night was not going to ruin the party for us, we went down to Club Skyy which was out of the norm decor for us, but it was ladies night so entry fee was free and drinks were free till 1 a.m. Who could beat that? Not The Castle that night, that's for sure. I got paid for photos for my little sister and I. My mom enjoyed the outside bar and the most eventful place in the whole club was actually the restroom. Shocking!!

Days before the club, I was doing everything I possibly could to finish a simple classic lolita blouse before the big night. The day before I was able to finish off my petticoat which would have gone under my butterfly skirt I post about a month or two ago? I had recreated the puff sleeves like 9-10 times when I finally gave up and redraft the sleeve from scratch. I wish that I had done that from the beginning now. I wasted away the whole night and the day of clubbing I was out running errands with my boyfriend.

The petticoat came out wonderfully though. I was doing my best to not have to invest too much into the petti by using what was one hand. The one thing I knew I had to invest in no matter what though was thread and in the end I also got elastic thread and a print to go on the top layer of the petti. I know that by using tulle the petti will deflate over time, but this is all just practice for better materials in the end. I stitched a border just below the elastic waistband in gold thread as well to add some smaller details. I didn't have any lace which I did want to put on a petti I make in the future, but none of the lace I own seemed right for the steampunk look so I decided the prints and stitch work is where the 'wow' in my petti would come from. Besides, I maybe a lace monster but you can't admire the lace under the skirt. When I creating another petti, I will use chiffon fabric for its known beastliness at not deflating.

Petticoat I made:

Today, I was free to do whatever. I was hoping that my boyfriend wanted to actually hang out with me so I cancelled my plans with my friend to go to a photo shoot for her. It was going to be on a private beach and it was for cosplay reasons. I was going to be their lacky while the shoot was going on and when it was over we were going to hit up a pool and chill, but my boyfriend didn't wanna go and I didn't wanna have a good time without him considering I got to go clubbing while he had to go to work. In the end, I sewed. All day. Drafted too. I decided to make a tank top with Lolita features because of the little how to's in the back of the Gothic & Lolita Bibles. I think it was Vol. oh never mind I'll find out another time. My point is the girls in Japan created some tops using jersey knit white shirts which I think they just bum around at home in but I'm sure some of them decide to wear them out. They were cute tops. Anyway, I've added lace to my straps and the hem of the top with no tucks or other features. I may still go back and change the tank a lot but this is what it came out:


Well, ta-ta. I've gotta go and get those missing levels back....

Blouse project and Sailor Moon
For the premier of Sailor Moon, my friend and I got together to watch it on She had assembled a playlist of Sailor Moon songs and we agreed not to talk during the show (something one of my best friend doesn't understand unless its Super Natural). The effects for the transformation was the biggest thing for me aside from the crest which was changed into something like candy and less like a make-up compact. I don't know if I like this or not.

Anywho, currently working on a vest/blouse? I've added in tucks to the design, but the main reason I'm making it is because I've got a good reference. This is an image of the piece I'm making,
I've decided to add tucks to the center panel pieces to change it up a bit. I know its not much but I wanted to change the design slightly so that I could causally practice tucks. My original choice was Innocent World's Margareta Blouse, but at last I admit defeat for now. The bib was too much for me. I must practice more. This is a project for next month. While this month I should focus on completing things that I know is on my level (though I figured the bib was, will try again). Has anybody else done a bib? Any advice?
Tomorrow, I go to the fabric store after breakfast to get some supplies such as the lace and possibly more fabric. I do hope their having another killer sell which I do doubt, but a girl and dream and dream I will. (Tucking as I type, I wonder if this is a good idea?)

I wonder if Sari remembers were supposed to cosplay Sailor Moon? I wonder if she'll be ready by October? Must contact her later on the subject.

Pleated turned Gathered
So I finally finished that skirt which I'm super happy about. Now I can show all my Golden Girls at work my lovely new piece. There are some flaws which I want to make notes of one being that the zipper wasn't put in right at all and I ended hand sewing the very bottom of it. Another being the the zipper is hard to close when passing between the skirt panel and the waistband. Not big issues, a hook and eye will help me to close the skirt and I made sure to leave enough room to put one in. I just gotta get to the store for that. In the meantime the zipper stayS in place perfectly, but I still want the H&E in place. Now the waistband itself is a little weird.tumblr_n7j94o1JWb1twrepuo2_250
That being shown, I see that there is some fabric measurement issues? Not sure what to call it right now. Anyway, I have work at 5 and must be off to get ready seeing how its an hour away. I have more comments, but I shall be back later.

No Netflix kinda night.
So we're on Crackle and we're seeing shows and animes we don't get on Netflix and its free to view. Sounds like we're going without Netflix for a while. I completed the skirt panel of my high waist skirt and I didn't know how full it would be when I started. My test fit was less conclusive because I didn't actually make the length of the of the skirt the right way and so lesson learned. Doing the test fit completely right next time. In the meantime, I don't really mind the fullness. I bet I could get away with wearing it at work sometime. So on another note, I've decide to write a tale of my ventures in the world of Magic the Gathering as I Journey into Nyx. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I call upon my monsters, a Warlock enters my wasteland of despair. Goblins laid crushed behind me as he demands to battle. I summon back my monster creatures, I cast the strongest of spells I knew. I had to get back to the village to bring the medicine to the church. The Warlock eager to slay me beckon his most beastly of creatures. Will the heart of the cards show me the path to victory or lay us bare to the bone in desolation? Allowing the air to flow naturally around me I focus my power and draw out my mana, Selesnya Guildgate and Catheral of War, laying the foundation of my fight. He a Selesnya Sanctuary. Casting more mana into the battlefield I then lay out Equinox for some safety. We go back and forth between mana casting. He a Dimir Guildgate, a Selesnya Giuldgate, a Transguild Promenade, and Chromatic Lantern. Was he after the medinice? I play Murkfiend Liege and my next possible move I summon my Archangel of Thune. I couldn't think about that right now. I had to keep my head in the game. He sends out his Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon and a Rushwood Grove. Me a Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. Him a Lu Cannon. I send out my Yeva, Nature's Herald. She will do me well in the coming battle ahead. The Warlock sends out his Maelstrom Nexus, a valuable play. I realize just too late that he played in all aspects of magic. It was five colors coming at me with everything they could. I drew my cards then knew it was checkmate. I draw my golden cards no matter what I played as long as he didn't field wipe me I could win. I had at my disposal a Supreme Verdict and Sudden Disappearance. Even though he played Sorin Markov and Legacy Weapon.... Maybe I would die though. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing I cast will stop the rage that is his playful side. His Sorin dropped my life to 10. Gilded Lotus enters the battle field. He kills my Djinn of Infinite Deceits and then laid out a Seedborn Muse and Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile. I summon my Body Double to create another Djinn of Infinite Deceits ending for the round and he killed it just as soon as my spell is cast then exiled my Murkfiend Liege. He cast Mikaeus, the Lunarch as an 11/11 triggering to play Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer and casting Captain Sisay. Then attacked. I play Chorus of the Conclave with a sliver of hope. But none the less, it was all hopeless his Captain Sisay is summoning straight from the library to his hand then to the field. I couldn't keep up with his moves. Kaervek the Merciless is summon to the field. Then upon destroying my field he attacks with everything killing my best creatures off for good. The game was over, but my creatures were gone for now. Lost and in pain. I wonder if they'll answer my call the next time I beckon or will the leave me to fend off the coming hordes myself. The Warlock laughs at my failure and shuffles off to his next target. God help the poor soul who crosses him. He left without the medicine. I move on. My wasteland now his domain.

Pleated Skirt, updates
So I've been busy with work, and planning how I'm gonna cut my fabric. Getting fabric without a clear plan is always so hard for me. When I go to the store to buy fabric, I have a clear idea of what I'm getting, how much it all cost, and the pattern is already at home drafted waiting for the fabric. For at least three days now, I've been plotting and scheming. I have to get my measurements all right before I cut my marking paper because I only have so much of it and I can't just drop $$ for a roll of that. I used some cheap satin I brought for well... that don't really matter. What does matter? I've finally finished off drafting the skirt and am working towards cutting it down, sew it up and totally unsure of what lace I wanna use. See my issue here? I know what lace I wanna use when I plan this stuff out. I need to watch myself next time. tumblr_n75e6ubxtO1twrepuo5_1280

Does anybody out there sew? Wanna be sewing buddies?


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